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Looking for reliable friends regularly doing massage for my girlfriend

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Introduction and look for reliable long-term friends for gf
Hi, everyone. The pics are my girlfriend``s feet. My girlfriend will come in Jan-Feb 2022.

I extremely love friends doing massage on my girlfriend``s body, and licking any girls`` body sepecially her feet. I feel it even more comfortable than licking by myself... I don``t know why... If you want to have threesome friendship with us, please read my introduction profile.

My girlfriend is an average asian girl, but also a conservative and "innocent" girl. I``m looking for elder gentlemen(no age limitation) to have a reliable stable friendship with us. In addition, I want to give her more chance to meet other males. I``m willing to let her be touched, kissed or licked. -I have already successfully made it before, like what``s shown in my photo album.

You have to realize that my gf is a conservative maiden, who only allows sex after marriage. As I successfully played before, she must be drunk or sleepy first, and then boys could have chance to hug and touch, or lick her. So the premise of our success is, there must be a good environment, a nice and open atmosphere, to let her be happy, be relaxed, be open, and let her interact with each of friends. If you can make her drunk, that will be better!

By the way, and she is looking for some part-time jobs on weekends in Berlin, better near Wedding district. She hopes it can be house-cleanning, restaurant staff, etc. She wants to have a long-term part-time job. I hope she can find the opportunity among friends here, and then we can have a fun threesome friendship.

Thank you!
      Weitere Anzeigen aus der Rubrik: Erotische Massagen